Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Mar1anneC - Crohn's Blogger

I've been a faithful blogger for a few years. What started as a slightly misguided attempt to sell Sci Fi T-Shirts on CafePress morphed into a stable of four blogs each one holding a special place in my heart.

The one I am most proud of however, is I treasure the comments and emails I receive from readers. People have actually thanked me and said that reading my blog helped them cope with IBD. My story of living with a chronic illness for years without knowing what it was, to becoming seriously ill and therefore diagnosed, is something I am really proud of.

So why I am so excited about the Chronic Bitches of Ravelry's new blog? In all the time I've been writing and posting, this is the first group project I have worked on. The ladies and gentlemen of the CB group on Ravelry have regaled me with complaints, tips, irreverence, and I feel like we are on a journey together. Fighting migraines, pains, getting meds refilled, even getting out of the house some days are adventures with this group. These fiberistas keep on truckin' - knitting, crocheting, and making art out of the chaos.

I tend to be a little shy and I am by no means the most prolific poster in the group. But I am very glad to have the chance to work on "Like You're Listening." Thank you.


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