Friday, May 21, 2010

Mobility Issues and the SCA

A walking stick works well for those of us who have problems walking all day, but that does not take into account people who require a little more assistance. You are probably well accustomed to thinking outside the box already, but here are some ideas.
It may well be worth inquiring ahead of time about spaces for the handicapped. (I do not know if this is an option, seeing as I just develop a limp over the course of a day as opposed to using a wheelchair). The site may or may not be wheelchair-friendly, so you may want to ask about that as well.
You might want to design your garb around your mobility. For example, a long, heavy wool houppeland might get caught in your wheels. While long and flowy might be accurate, you might do best if you cut them a little slimmer.
Camp as close to the main green as possible. If you can camp on it, then you don’t have to lug (or have someone lug) a chair around to the various demos, classes, and general gatherings. However, my understanding is that most events require you to have a mostly period campsite to camp on the green proper: canvas instead of nylon, cookfires instead of Colemans, duct tape kept to a minimum, etc.
Decorate your hardware. I’m not saying that you have to hide your aid, but maybe it would like some garb, too. I have seen walkers done up like May poles and, for the truly ambitious, motorized wheelchairs dressed to resemble horses. They generally came out looking more like hobby horses, but it was fun nonetheless.
I know of one fighter who uses a chair. I teased, asking if she jousted. In order to even learn, she had to overcome two-pronged discrimination: sexism and ableism. She said that when she had finally found someone who was willing to work with her, he had suggested that option in all seriousness. If you are reading this blog on any sort of regular basis, you can understand that a jousting is not suitable for someone using a chair. Instead of asking her some questions and learning more about her abilities, he had made an assumption. He did come to understand, and, I believe, she ended up with a short sword.
And when in doubt, sucker some big, strong handsome fighters to tote you around in a sudan chair. Bonus points if you have an Eastern persona.

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