Sunday, May 2, 2010


Welcome to Like You're Listening, the tentatively-named blog of the Chronic Bitches, a group of chronically-ill yarn crafters who nonetheless refuse to become bland, stereotypical sick people. Many of our discussions in the forum on Ravelry lead to discoveries and information that would make wonderful blog posts, so... now we have a blog.

Please note that many topics and manners of delivery may be Not Safe For Work, unsuitable for children, or otherwise require a bit of maturity and a sense of humor to cope with. If you don't find the offerings to your liking, feel free to hit the Home button on your browser and return to greener internet pastures.

Topics may include:
  • Medicine as it is practiced in our various locales
  • Chronic and acute illness and its effect on our lives and those around us
  • Sensitivity vs. Political Correctness (is there a line between them, and where?)
  • Sex and Relationships (with or without reference to illness)
  • Anything we find amusing, frustrating, or otherwise worthy of comment

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