Friday, May 7, 2010

CB Glossary

As with any shared-interest community, the CBs have developed some specialized slang to cover frequently-visited topics. We have also picked up a fair bit of jargon from the medical profession due to our intimate involvement with it. Here are some terms that might be unfamiliar to new readers.

Note: LYL contributors are encouraged to link to this post when using these terms. One link per term per post is plenty, just enough that people can get the definition. :-)

Chronic Bitch: 1: Member of the Chronic Bitches group on Ravelry. 2: Any person (usually female) who has a long-term illness (not necessarily permanent or uncurable) and who refuses to fall into stereotypical "sick person" roles and behaviors, choosing instead to get as much living done as possible.

Jellyfish: Vomit. Can be used as a noun or a verb.

Meds: Medications, as distinct from supplements and recreational substances. Usually, but not always, refers to substances taken internally.

MT: Massage Therapist

Normie: Person who does not have any form of disability or chronic illness. Sometimes used more specifically to refer to someone who lacks insight into or sympathy about the realities of chronic illness.

Ortho: Orthopedist; Doctor who specializes in disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Otter: Diarrhea or Constipation, sometimes referred to as River Otters or Desert Otters, respectively. Can be used as a noun, as in "having otters" or a verb "to otter".

PT: Physical Therapy

Ravelry: The most comprehensive yarn-crafts site on the web, with features including yarn/needle/book/pattern collection tracking, knitting and crochet patterns, extensive forums, and WIKIs on various topics, many (but not all) related to yarn.

Rheumy: Rheumatologist; Doctor who specializes in autoimmune disorders of the joints, soft tissues, and connective tissues. Most common medical specialist for Chronic Bitches to be seeing regularly.

Shrink: Psychiatrist; Doctor who specializes in mental disorders. Sleep problems are commonly treated by psychiatrists, many uncommon or newly-recognized diseases are mis-diagnosed as psychiatric disorders, and trauma and stress related to chronic illness can cause or trigger psychiatric disorders.

TENS or TENS Unit: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit; an electronic device, usually portable, that stimulates nerves in various parts of the body to relieve pain.

Voltron or Voltron Gel: Voltaren gel, a topical anesthetic and pain reliever that has an amazingly wide range of effectiveness on pain of many kinds.


  1. Allow me to submit for your approval, my personal term of cat-butt: the gas and river otters that are a result of eating something that you know you shouldn't have.

    Etymology: For those of you with furry four-legged companions, you know how you know when they've been eating something they shouldn't have?

  2. I like it, but until it starts cropping up in forum or blog posts, I think I will leave it in the comments; some things, I just don't like to touch, y'know? ;-)