Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hi from the Census Bitch.

Morning, afternoon, evening, happy ChrismaHanaKwanzaka, ya'll.

Chronic Census Bitch here, with musings from the Dept of Commerce and the humid-ass circle of hell that is my home. I'm an asthmatic, arthritic, and just an all-around ouchy bitch.(I also have minor stroke damage, synesthesia, a shattered tailbone, and unidentified pain issues, but that will all come out later.) I'm 24, and working as a Census Enumerator/Crew Leader Assistant for the NRFU operation of the 2010 US Census. Hence the name, of course.

On occasion, I have to carry a cane, and find myself covered with icy hot patches to interrupt nerve hiccups throughout the day or night. Otherwise, my disabilities,disorders, etc. are virtually invisible. On good days, that allows me to come and go unnoticed. On bad days, I feel like people don't believe I'm even a Chronic Bitch. Eventually, somebody's getting albuterol in the eyes and a cane up the ass.

This is the first week on the streets for the US Census, so the crazy stories are yet to come.

Over and Out,

A Winter Sunrise

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